Swag corner stories - 3. The Loka beer mug

A trip down memory lane, from the swag corner of my office. part 3.

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Our latest BeerJS meetup kinda killed it. The attendance numbers broke the previous record again. We’ve made the audience happy by having a backend-focused BeerJS. The feedback forms did tell us that, but we’re never forcing topics on speakers. The stars were right this time. We didn’t have to push for interaction from the audience - they just chose to ask questions and have spontaneous discussions with the speakers. Advertising that we gave away t-shirts for questions didn’t even feel necessary. To the point that I totally forgot about saying that on stage between presentations 😅

Loka sponsored the event this time, and I have to admit that they have some excellent swag. Being a beer lover, the beer mug in the photo above made me especially happy 🍻

This is an appreciation post, in addition to being a swag corner post. I’m grateful for the fact that our local IT community is finally active and taking part. It’s been a while since it felt that way. ‘Till next time 🍻

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