About me

Hi! I’m Darko. I develop software for fun and profit using (mostly) JavaScript and related stuff (TypeScript, for one), since it’s everywhere these days. I like working on the “fringes”, experimenting with new APIs and fresh ideas. Software development should have at least SOME fun in it.

Darko in bullet points:

  • Works with these guys: http://virtask.nl (our site sucks, we know). But make some amazing and useful software there :)
  • Also runs a company called Foundry, which works as an R&D for Virtask.
  • Runs a local JS meetup, BeerJS Skopje.
  • A through and through Linux-loving commie.
  • But also a gamer, so I may or may not dual boot to the OS that I shall not name. Update: no longer the case, since Proton became a thing.
  • Dabbles in various electronics, especially sensors that deal with weather and humidity.
  • Love growing peppers - currently growing 40+ species, of the extremely hot ones and I’d like to automate the process as much as possible. Ergo, the interest in humidity and temperature sensors.
  • Believes offline is good enough, and can’t wait for a more distributed / decentralized future (browsers are pretty powerful these days, y’know).
  • Draws and paints to relax, and even had an exhibition recently. One of these days I may even make a portfolio for that.
  • Loves and plays D&D as much as possible.
  • Usually doesn’t refer to himself in third person.

I’m NOT looking for employment opportunities. Consultancies, educational gigs, talks and workshops I can all do and love doing, but I’m NOT looking for a job.